As Christians writing for a reason we can get so caught up in being earnest that we forget that writing should be fun. OK, yes, it can be hard work too, but it should certainly have some lighter moments . . . and who knows where those lighter moments might take you? 🙂

Here’s an idea to give you a break from your novel: write a letter to your protagonist. It might sound silly, but could be just the thing to get your story back on track!


Alternatively, why not become the person you always wanted to be by keeping a diary in the skin of your alter ego? Or a person or character you admire? Who would you like to be? Scooby Doo, the Queen of England, Han Solo, a translator in the European parliament, a ballet dancer, time traveller, a wiser version of yourself? The choice, dear writer, is yours!

Write every day for at least a week. Take this ‘new you’ with you wherever you go, or make your days up! Be the ghost writer and allow him to tell you his guilty secrets, his deepest thoughts and feelings, his longings and vision for the future, his thoughts about your mother-in-law, Jesus, sailing or benefit cuts . . . there are no rules, you can make it all up! You can even be the baddie if you like. 🙂

Have some fun, get creative, enjoy your writing . . . live the abundant life!

Janet Wilson



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How to become the person you’ve always wanted to be!
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