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Good Morning Christian Writers!

Today I am delighted to bring you 3 tips from author of The Ticking Box, Rev Mark Cowling!

The Ticking Box

Mark Cowling
Mark Cowling








After successfully completing the Write for a Reason course, Mark was determined to use his gift and get his stories into print. He has now sold more than 600 copies of his first book, and has more books in the pipeline! You can see The Ticking Box here on Amazon.

Here’s the blurb for The Ticking Box:

Emily Grace is nine years old and lives at number nine Coalpit Close on the edge of a large, old industrial town. Tall brick chimneys are still dotted across the town, from the old days when textiles were dyed and Emily discovers that the one casting its shadow over her house is a portal to exploring time past and future. With the help of the Ticking Box, she goes back to the beginning and meets Adam and Eve and is gripped by the news that their garden is dying. Emily then travels onwards to see how the story will unfold…”

I won’t spoil the story by telling you what happens! Suffice it to say, Mark’s story is now getting the good news into children’s hands.

I asked Mark for his three top tips and he actually gave me six, so I will bring you the next three another time! But here are the first of his top tips:


1) Work out the reason you are writing.  What’s the unique message you are trying to convey? The Write for Reason course helped me clarify that I was writing to teach children and parents about well-being, including Christian discipleship, and I am using different genres and styles to achieve this.
2) Test your draft stories on children first and adults second!  If you manage to fully keep the attention of children then you’re on the right tracks.
3) Find a good illustrator you enjoy working with.  Getting in touch with students at a University Illustration department worked well for me.


What do you think? If you find those tips helpful, please do leave a comment and share with your writer friends; it’s good to share the wealth!


May Mark’s tips, and his determination to use the gift he has been given, inspire you with your own stories.


Janet Wilson, founder of Dernier Publishing and Write for a Reason
Janet Wilson, founder of Dernier Publishing and Write for a Reason
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