Following on from last week’s post (you can check it out here if you missed it), I was contacted by writer-for-a-reason Heather, who told me she did a challenge of writing 500 words a day, and did so for 18 months!

Heather says, “It was a challenge by Jeff Goins; I did it for 18 months. I picked the best each week and put it on a weekly blog. I wrote short stories, testimonies, biographical pieces  and the odd poem.

Wow! I feel congratulations are due to Heather!

What about you – how could you fit in 500 words a day, or if that honestly isn’t achievable, 300, or even 100?

Could you get the kids to make a start on the dinner (OK, that might make more work than give you time lol!)… um, write on the train, in your lunch break, lock yourself in the bathroom with your ipad, don’t turn on the TV/facebook/emails until you’ve done your word count, make notes in a quiet moment/in a queue/on the bus to type up later…

writing in a café

All writing is excellent practice, whatever you write. Nothing is ever wasted – every 500 words (or 300, or 100) is leading you closer to your writing goal!

Any other ideas? What do you do to make sure you keep writing – or what could you do? Send in your ideas, put them in the comments on the website, or come over to our facebook page and comment there – love to hear from you!

Janet WilsonPeace and joy to you all,



How could you write 500 words a day?
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