Hello and welcome to the very last writing tip, not just of this year, but of the decade!

Last week I gave you two quick, fun writing exercises to do – I hope you enjoyed the creativity. (If you missed them, follow this link to the post.)

This week I have a slightly different type of exercise for you, to do with goal setting. Setting concrete goals is an excellent thing to do, because goals help us stay on track. Even if we don’t achieve everything on our list, we will probably have accomplished more by the end of the year than if we didn’t set any goals! So now is the time to get out a pen and paper and have a think…

Exercise 1. What are your writing goals for 2020? Don’t forget to pray as you plan. 🙂

Exercise 2. What might prevent you from achieving your goals? Time pressure? Procrastination? Fear of what people may think or say? Fear of failure? Lack of clarity with your story? Fear that your writing is not good enough? Be honest here, and write down anything that might hold you back. You don’t have to show anyone!

Exercise 3. What will help you counteract the issues you face, and go on to achieve your goals? Could you call on a friend to hold you accountable? Could you set aside regular time in your calendar for your writing? Do you need to say no to something else? Do you need to overcome your fear and do it anyway? Do you need to join a course to hone your writing skills, or join a writing group for encouragement?

I’m just about to set my goals myself, so I will be working with you. Let’s pray for and encourage each other as we work towards using the gifts the Lord has given us for building up the church.

May the Lord lead and guide! And may I take this opportunity to wish you a blessed new year, full of joy. If you have any questions about any of the exercises, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Happy 2020!


P.S. Write for a Reason Academy starts next week! Please pray for our new students. Registration has closed, but if you’re thinking you would like to have joined us, let me know and I’ll make sure you know if/when I run the course again.

How to Make Sure You Achieve Your Writing Goals for 2020
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