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Is My Story Good Enough? 4 Solid Pieces of Advice

Do you ever ask yourself this question – Is my story good enough?

I certainly do! In fact, I’m writing a story at the moment, and have reached that point where I’m asking myself exactly that question. Is it too long-winded? Is there enough action? Are the characters believable and engaging enough? Does the world they live in make sense? Is it good enough?

fantasy story

Can you relate to that?

At times like these, here’s some advice, that I intend as much for myself as for you. 🙂

1. The question is not: Am I good enough? See the difference? Even if this story is rubbish, it doesn’t mean you are a rubbish person! Far from it! In fact, if you have got as far as even starting your novel, you are way ahead of many who only think about it, but never do it. So congratulations for not burying your talent, but getting it out and making it work.

2. Stop worrying if it’s good enough! Good enough for what? So it may never become a bestseller, but suppose you ask a nephew or niece to read it, and they love it. Isn’t that success enough? What if the message in your story touches just one or two young people… wouldn’t that be amazing?

3. You can improve! So this particular novel might not be the best ever written, but you can get better with practice, by joining a class, getting some help. You will never become a better writer if you give up! So keep writing and do the very best you can. One story at a time.

4. Pray, and remember your purpose. Don’t let anything stop you. You have good news to share.

Janet Wilson

Janet Wilson

Hope this inspires you to keep going! If it does, please come over to our facebook page, leave a comment, share the post, tell your friends. It will help get the word out, and maybe inspire more people to write more stories…

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