Janet Wilson, founder of Dernier Publishing


Thanks for coming over to our About Page! If you are a Christian and a new writer of novels for 8-16s, but feel a bit overwhelmed by the task, you’re in exactly the right place. My name is Janet Wilson.

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Writing Courses

Writing Courses

Start with a mini course, or get stuck right in to the Write for a Reason Academy and learn everything you need to write a successful novel in ten weeks…

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FREE Writing Tips

Don’t leave without reading some of these! 🙂 …

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Delicious Ways with Words Mini Course

New Mini Writing Course!

If you love creative writing you will love this “Delicious Ways with Words” online writing course...

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What Students Say About the Academy…

“I have really enjoyed the course and learned so much. I know I have much to think about and to practice. You have taught me so much and been always a great encourager, thank you. You’ve never made me feel like it’s too late or that I’m to old or not good enough. Instead, I have felt hopeful and excited. I want to keep writing and honour the Lord with what I believe he’s put in my heart. I’m going to finish the story I have begun. Not sure how it will turn out but if I don’t try I’ll never know. As St. Julie has said, ‘better mistakes than paralysis, it’s your choice’.”

- Juliet (Cornwall)