Janet Wilson, founder of Dernier Publishing

Janet Wilson from Write for a Reason and Dernier Publishing

Thanks for coming over to our About Page! If you are a Christian and a new writer of novels for 8-16s, but feel a bit overwhelmed by the task, you’re in exactly the right place.

My name is Janet Wilson. My passion is to get stories with Christian themes into the hands of young readers (partly because I became a Christian when I was a teenager, and books had a huge impact on my life).

We all have different gifts. If I can use mine to help you with yours, I will be delighted! I’m a publisher of Christian fiction for 8-16s, so I’d love to pass on my knowledge.

Do you need help with either or both of the following?:

  • Fiction writing skills. For example, did you know there are seven things you absolutely must include in the opening scenes of your novel?
  • Encouragement to keep going. Almost every writer I have ever known doubts their ability as a writer, and many never finish their story, or it ends up in a drawer.

Can you relate to either of both of these? If so, now’s the time to turn things around and get that novel finished and out there!

Remember the parable of the talents? If you are called to write, it means someone is waiting for your story. Even if you only show the way to life to one child, wouldn’t that be worth it? I am here to help you. DON’T BURY YOUR TALENT – get a reward instead! 🙂

Why not start off by signing up for my FREE mini course on what you need to include in the beginning of your story?

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