Does That Need Updating?

Hello again – can you believe another whole week has gone by? Hope you are enjoying the run-up to Christmas!

This week’s creative writing tip comes from last month’s monthly programme, as we were looking at editing our manuscripts. One of the things I suggested looking out for, is anything old-fashioned that may have crept in.

If you are a bit older, you may find that old-fashioned words, concepts and culture have been sneaking in unawares, like a draft under a door!

Are your protagonists called Susan and Janet, or Courtney and Madison? Do they call their next door neighbours Mr and Mrs Isaacs, or do they call them by their first names? Does their mum call them in for tea wearing an apron? At this editing stage, try to read the book through with younger eyes. Our children live in a different world to the one some of us were brought up in!

I know I have exaggerated a bit here, but I hope you will get the drift – and look out for anything from past times that might need be looking a bit tired and need a bit of updating. 🙂

If you’re not sure, get some kids to read your story, and ask them to highlight anything that sounds a bit old-fashioned. You might be surprised!

Janet Wilson aged fourHope that helps, as it’s really essential that we say relevant for our readers.

And in case I don’t see you again before Christmas, I hope you have a wonderful, old-fashioned time with friends and family!

God bless,


P.S. That’s me on the left in the 60s at Bognor Regis on the south coast of England . . . you can pretty much guess my age from my name! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Does That Need Updating?

  1. MariHoward

    🙂 Slang – very important though it tends to move along very fast indeed! Alice, Zoe, Charlie (Charlotte), Fabian – all teenagers in 2007. Named for kids who live nearby or go to our church. A bit middle-middle class but that’s the background in the story – Charlie’s mum Shaz (for Sharon ..) a 1960’s baby, less MC. Interesting post!

    • Janet Post author

      Yes, changes are fast: take the use of the word wicked! 🙂 Love your names, by the way. Great choices!

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