Another week has gone by… where does the time go?

Well, I know exactly where yesterday went; I spent almost the whole day looking up a piece of music, so we could buy the rights to use it in a video trailer we’re doing for a book.

That brought me on to thinking about the best music for writing.

Do you listen to music while you write? I’ve found that when I do, my productivity goes up!

Here’s what works best for me:

  1. Upbeat music (nothing too slow or depressing!)…
  2. That moves me emotionally…
  3. That goes with whatever I am writing.

At the moment I’m listening to epic movie themes, because I’ve reached the part in my latest story where everything is going wrong for the characters (four friends from a church youth club). There’s a sense of battle and the need to overcome… and the movie music is perfect.

Why not give music a go, while you are writing? It stirs the soul and helps you dig deep. Or perhaps you already have a playlist? If you do, let me know what you listen to, so I can share it with your fellow writers. 🙂

Happy listening,


P.S. Caveat: don’t spend so long choosing your music that you run out of time to write! 🙂

The Best Music for Writing
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