Bringing Hope

I watched a film at the weekend. Nothing particularly unusual about that! But this film left me feeling… I’m struggling for the right word… troubled. There was no hope! Everyone in the film was trying to get one up on the others. I know that’s what human nature is like… but in Christ Jesus there is hope for fallen, sinful man. We can be redeemed! We are loved, and therefore we can love in return.

Yesterday I attended a funeral (via webcast). In contrast to the film, I came away with hope! Jesus is the resurrection and the life, and there is hope in Him – wonderful, eternal, joyful hope!

This world so badly needs to hear this message of hope, so let’s keep writing, my friends. Stories are a brilliant way to share good news – they can touch not just the children we write for, but whole families in a gentle and respectful way.

Lighthouse and sunset

So don’t give up! I know it’s difficult right now to be creative. I know some of you are going through tough times, but here’s an idea: do one small thing every day towards getting your story done. Read a book your target audience enjoy, to be inspired. Write out a list of characters. Buy my e-book of writing tips, and read one every day. Draw a map of your setting. Write a synopsis of each chapter… there are so many small things you could do, daily, to keep your story alive!

There’s nothing wrong with small steps – every journey starts with a step. But every step will bring you closer to your destination.

Janet Wilson, founder of Dernier Publishing

Thanks for reading. Be blessed,


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