Hello and welcome to this week’s blog post! I hope you are keeping well in these difficult times, and that you are getting on well with your fun writing prompts – let me know how it’s going. One writer for a reason, Katy, said, “I ended up writing a seriously creepy version of Asda – something I don’t think I would have ever done off my own back. Thanks Janet – really loving having my creativity stretched alongside the useful tips.” In case you missed the email/blog post, you can find the writing prompts here. Enjoy!

Instead of a new writing tip this week (I’m guessing you still have some writing prompts left to do?), I’d really like your help.

I’d like to set up a Recommended Reading List for writers for a reason. What I want is recommendations, and the reason why you suggest writers of fiction for kids/teens should consider reading them.

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For example, in our facebook community group, writer-for-a-reason Elaine suggested: “I recently read The Land of Neverendings by Kate Saunders and thought it was amazing and brilliant. It is probably mid-grade though adults would enjoy it too. She deals with the theme of grief but in such a unique way with toys coming to life (the stuff of childhood fantasy – well mine anyway). I can’t say enough about this book – the message is definitely Christian in direction and hope.”

If we can build a good Recommended Reading List, we will all benefit!

Also, if you have been through the Write for a Reason Academy, and have some books your ‘one reader’ loves, please include those. Thank you! I think this will be a useful resource to have available to share with everyone. 🙂

The books can be for the age group we are writing for, or for adults if there’s a particular reason you think it would be a useful read. Christian or secular. But let’s stick to novels! And please don’t include your own books or your friends’ books, so we can be completely objective.

Thank you for your help! See you next week,


P.S. Add your recommended books in the comments below, hop on over to our Write for a Reason Community Group (If you don’t yet belong, send a request), or get in touch with me via email. Thanks for your help!

Recommended Reading List
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