Bringing Hope

Hello everyone. Hope you are well, and an especially warm welcome to new subscribers – lovely to have you here! I hope you will find these weekly writing tips and encouragements useful, as you reach out to young people with the good news of Jesus through your stories.

Sorry to bring in a more sombre tone than usual, but as you probably know, I’m writing from the UK, so the tragedies of Manchester and London are still very much in our hearts and minds here. So many young people have suddenly and shockingly lost their lives, while others have lost their friends, their families . . . and they’re not alone. All over the world children and young people are facing all kinds of troubles and difficulties, tragedies and disasters.

young lad looking sad

We can, and we must, of course, always keep praying for them. Every single one of them is known by God, and loved.

But perhaps, too, we can help with our stories, to sow seeds of light, life, comfort and hope, and point the way to Jesus? The harvest is ready.

If you are a beginner, and feel a bit overwhelmed, keep your story short, keep it simple, and write for just one child. Could you write for a nephew, a niece, or a young person in your church who is going through a hard time?

What does that child most need to know? The love of God? Forgiveness? True joy? Does she need to know that even though her family might have given up on her, Jesus never will? Does he need to know that one day there will be justice, so he doesn’t need to take it into his own hands? Does she need to know that although she comes from a Christian family, she needs to seek the Lord for herself? Does he need to know that although everything seems so dark, and there seems no way out, there is always hope? Does she need to know she is so precious that God sent his only son to die in her place? Does he need to know that God answers prayer? Does she need to know there is a place where there will be no more sorrow, crying or pain, and every tear will be wiped away?

All these themes, wrapped up in a gripping story, can change lives. (Jesus told stories to make important points!) So don’t give up, don’t give in. Your story is unique; only you can write it. And if there’s anything you need help with, please don’t hesitate to ask.

With love in Jesus,







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