Just a quick tip for you today, but an important one.

When sending your book proposal to a publisher, agent, or to your printer (if self-publishing):

Go through your manuscript with a fine tooth comb. Look out for:

  • Spelling mistakes
  • Names that should be capitalised that aren’t
  • Words that shouldn’t be capitalised that are
  • Correct use of punctuation (especially correct use of apostrophes!)
  • Poor grammar
  • Clunky sentence structures

When you’ve done that, make sure your presentation:

  • Is neat
  • Has page numbers
  • Contains your contact information

When you’ve been through all these things very carefully yourself, get an eagle-eyed friend or family member (who knows what they are looking for) to do the same.

There’s no excuse for skipping these steps. Of course, if your story is accepted, an editor will correct spelling, grammar and poor sentence structures… but publishers won’t want to pay an editor to do what you should have done in the first place.

And anyway, why would you submit anything that’s not absolutely your best?

Hope that helps! You may be thinking, well of course! But believe me, I have seen the whole spectrum from excellent to eyebrow-raisingly terrible.

So before you send that manuscript, make it as tight as you possibly can.

Lecture over! 🙂

On a completely different subject, I’m looking forward to seeing some of you next week at our Zoom training!

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Every blessing for the week ahead,


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Advice When Sending Unsolicited Manuscripts
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