Apologies for missing a week – I had a last minute opportunity to get away for a few days – so I took it – to the south downs not too far from Brighton. Lovely! Hope I’m not making you too envious. 🙂

Right, back to writing!

Here’s something a writer-for-a-reason, Kathleen, said to me recently in an email:

I wrote a book of stories for my granddaughter. It was a tradition in my home to give “love gifts” for Christmas. For a number of years I dedicated a story to my granddaughter. The story was read at the Christmas Eve dinner. Everyone seemed to look forward to the Christmas story about a green unicorn named Spearmint who was born in a snowstorm on Christmas Eve night. I enjoyed writing it.”

Isn’t that wonderful? Could you do that?

Why not take some time aside to consider what would success look like for you (in regard to your writing). A story for your godson? A story for your grandaughter? A story for your Sunday School children who are about to go up to secondary school/middle school/next grade?

I know we shouldn’t really be talking about Christmas in July (eek!), but could you write a story for Christmas for a child on your heart? 🙂

We all have a unique calling and a different writing journey. What’s your next step?

Let me know who you’re writing for. And if you’re determined to write that story, come and join in our Write for a Reason Community facebook group. Hope to see you there!

Love to you all,


P.S. Would you share this with a friend who shares your interest in writing? Thank you!

What is Success?
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