How to Find Your Writing Voice – 7 Quick Tips

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Mark, a writer-for-a-reason, recently requested input on developing a writing style/voice as an author. This topic can cause anxiety, and it’s something I don’t think I’ve ever covered, so this week I’m really pleased to give you seven quick tips:

  1. Read widely and be inspired, but don’t try to write like anyone else
  2. Be yourself! Be honest, write from your heart, write like YOU
  3. Don’t try too hard – relax, enjoy your writing! 🙂
  4. Be confident that you have a unique voice, because you do!
  5. Get in the flow – practice freewriting as much as you can
  6. Write with one ideal reader in mind, as if you were talking to just him/her
  7. Write, write and write some more!

Follow these seven pointers, and your voice will develop, all on its own, over time.

I trust that has been helpful? Please leave any comments, or further ideas of your own, in the comments below – let’s encourage each other!

Thanks, Mark, for this great suggestion for the blog. Do you have an idea for a writing tip – something you struggle with, or is puzzling you? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

In the meantime, blessings abundant on your day,

Janet Wilson from Dernier Publishing and Write for a Reason
Janet Wilson from Dernier Publishing (Christian fiction for children and teens) and Write for a Reason


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