Last week we took a look at making life hard for your protagonist. Did that resonate with you? Here’s a further thought on the same theme: your readers will have to go through tough times. Trials and temptations are part of this fallen world. Sad, but true.


Perhaps they are bullied at school, come from a broken home, are constantly hungry, have low self-esteem, or suffer from depression or anxiety. Perhaps they are watching a beloved pet or grandparent die, or have lost a friend. Maybe they have an addiction, are threatened with eviction, have a dad who drinks, have got in with the wrong crowd, are abused, or know someone who is. Perhaps they have a wonderful childhood, yet still feel lonely, or have an illness or disability… This is real life. Not all the time, of course, but at times difficulties can seem overwhelming.

Do you remember when you were the age of your readers? What were some of the trials you went through?

As Christians writing stories from a biblical perspective, we can help. If we can weave troubles into our stories in a relevant way, and bring our characters out the other side, we can bring hope. Could you do that with your story?

Perhaps you can turn those awful things you have been through yourself into comfort for a new generation? Nobody else can write your story, so don’t give up. And if I can be of any further assistance, don’t hesitate to let me know. Why not join the membership programme or the next course? Be lovely to have you!



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