Book Launches – the Real Reason they Need to Work

Dear Writers for a Reason,

As I have been preparing the material for this evening’s Zoom training (​it’s not too late to register – here’s the link​) I have been thinking a lot about book launches.

And here’s something really important:

Your book launch shoud be a wonderful celebration of all that you have achieved. Yaaayyyy!!!! Real books in real boxes! (Or real ebooks ready to be sold.)

After all that hard work and hours spent agonising over every scene, every character, every word…

It’s only right that you should celebrate!

writing a journal

It’s also a time to thank everyone who has had a part in helping you in your writing journey, as well as giving you a massive pat on the back for actually getting your book into print! An amazing achievement, and worthy of a big party.

But your book launch should be sooo much more than that, because you didn’t write for yourself, you were writing with a reason.

Now it’s a time to start getting as many books into as many young people’s hands as you can.

After all, a seed can yield 30, 60 or 90 times what was sown.

The launch is in some ways a celebration of the end of the writing and publishing phase of your book.. but it’s also a time for those seeds to begin to be planted in the ground.

Most of us, as writers, are naturally drawn towards being alone.

Perhaps we’re not party animals.

So we’re thinking SMALL when it comes to launches.

We don’t want to make a fuss, we don’t want to bother people, we don’t want to be looked at and we cringe from being the centre of attention (as well as terrified that people won’t like our book and that people will find out that we were never really a writer at all – which is the imposter syndrome talking…).

BUT our book launch is the start of getting our book, with its message of good news, into as many young hands as possible.

So it’s important that we think of our launch in terms of:

How can I get as many books as pssible out there?

I have loads of launch tips for you, to help you achieve this aim, as well as thinking BIG, at the Zoom masterclass this evening.

Do come if you can.

As I said last week, there will be opportunity to ask questions, and it will be fun – we always have a good time!

​Come and learn from tried and tested ways of running book launches​.

I’m sure you will find it great value at £8.99.

Hope to see you later!

Every blessing,


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