Dear Writer Friends,

I had some interesting feedback from a previous writing tip, about book launches (thank you for your time – always love to hear from you). I had been thinking about what topic to cover for the next Zoom training, and I have decided to go ahead and look at the whole subject of book launches.

Eleanor Watkins and Janet Wilson

This is an exciting topic!

Not anything like ready to launch your book?

It doesn’t matter – this is your chance to start getting organised for that future date!

However near or far away your book launch, this is your opportunity to open a file on your computer or start a new page in your writing journal, and get dreaming and planning. As time goes on, you can add new things to your list, like where/how to get a cake with your book cover as the icing topper, who to invite, a game to play with children who will be present, dressing up ideas… then put them all into practice, one at a time, when the time is right.

This masterclass will take place on Zoom on 26th June, at 7pm UK time. And you’re invited!

This is going to be a very practical training. I’ve asked experienced writers for their very best book launch advice, and will be including many great ideas, so you will be able to make your book launch the best ever. 🙂

If you already have a book launch or two under your belt, do get in touch with your top tips, so I can include those, too. We’re all in this together!

I look forward to hearing from you, and will be inviting you to register when I have all the right technology in place. 🙂

Every blessing for the week ahead, and keep writing, because if you have been called to write a story, someone’s waiting for it.

In His service,


Getting Ready to Launch Your Book
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