Hello everyone! Here, as promised, are seven more prompts to get your creative juices flowing (and give you something to do while the evenings are still a bit long…).

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  1. Write about something that makes you angry. Like, really angry. Be honest and real. Think it’s not OK to be angry? I read this morning about Jesus overturning the tables of the sellers and money changers in the temple (John 2:14-16). Sometimes it’s right to be angry.
  2. Describe yourself from the point of view of your pet, or an inanimate household object (e.g. your wardrobe). What do they think of you? Be as silly as you like! Children love a bit of humour in their stories. 🙂
  3. What are you addicted to and how does it affect you/other people? Or, what is someone you love addicted to, and how does it affect you and them? (This could help you in your character profiles.)
  4. If you could indulge in any hobby, what would it be? Like, absolutely anything, if you had the health, the wealth and all the time in the world. (Just for fun, put it in the comments below!)
  5. Write a list of things/people you love, and say what it is you love about them/it in each case. Write as much as you like!
  6. Write to a friend about something you would like to happen in the next 12 months, as if it had already happened. By that I mean, looking back, pretending it is a fait accompli.
  7. You are digging a hole. Why? Make this into a story for the age group you usually (or would like to) write for.

And that’s it! We have come to the end of our season of writing prompts. Next week it will be March, and we will go on to something new… I look forward to seeing you next week. Please write something in the comments below if you’ve enjoyed the series!

Janet Wilson

Love to you all,


Writing Prompts IV
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