Hello again Writer Friends, and welcome to our latest writing tip, on creating scenes. Are you good at creating scenes? I don’t mean the embarrassing kind, of course! I mean scenes in your novel. Of course!

monkey in tree

Here are three thoughts on scenes, which I hope you will find helpful:

1. Every scene in your story should have a purpose – to move the story forward, help us get to know the characters better, and build up towards the end.

2. Each scene should be vital to the plot. One easy mistake to make is to add scenes because they are fun, or give readers some kind of instruction. Both should be avoided! If you have written a scene that, honestly, doesn’t need to be there, cut it out. (You can always use it in the sequel. :-))

3. Every scene should end with your readers thinking I’ve got to know what happens next. Something will happen, or not happen, or there will be a conflict, or a decision, or a confession, or… the choice is yours!

Have a great week, see you in March!


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Creating a Scene – Three Essentials
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