Write it or Lose it?

Do you keep a writing journal?

When we did the last meet-up course, I provided a notebook for everyone who came, for taking notes, doing writing exercises, and for completing the homework I set. I think they were useful!

I have a confession to make: I keep notebooks everywhere! Notebooks for writing, notebooks for life, notebooks for ideas for Dernier Publishing, jottings from seminars/webinars I attend and lots more. I also have a notepad app on my phone which I use for all sorts of lists and thoughts, and for plans for the day, week and months ahead…

Sounds terribly organised, doesn’t it, but it’s because I forget so much! Apparently, writing things down helps us remember, because we have to think about what we are writing, and the act of doing that helps it stick!

writing notes

So why not keep a notebook/journal to jot down thoughts from these posts, ideas from books that inspire you, Bible quotes and anything else that might help you with your writing?

If you already keep a journal, let us know what you find helpful, share your experience to help others!

Love to you all in Jesus,



P.S. If you’re interesting in joining a meet-up course, let me know. When there’s enough interest, I’ll set one up! If you’d like more details, follow this link, and if you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact me. 🙂

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