Hello again Writer Friends, and welcome to this week’s creative writing tip. Actually, this week it’s more of a bit of encouragement – at least, I hope it will be!

Sometimes we need to say no to requests from other people, so we can spend time writing. Many of us are bad at this (some really, really bad!). We have been brought up to help whenever we can and be polite and smile and just keep going, even if we’re exhausted! Ever done that? I know I have.

But we need to take a leaf out of Jesus’ book. Jesus sometimes withdrew to a place alone, even though there were needs all round him. One morning his disciples were looking for him, and when they found him they told him, “Everyone is looking for you.” But he told them he needed to go to the next towns, because other people needed to hear the good news, too. (Mark 1:31-39.)

Jesus did not rush around trying to fulfil the expectations of others, or wear himself out because of all the needs in the world. He did what His Father had called him to do, no more, no less.

frustrated woman


Prayerfully consider if you are doing what you have been called to do. Write down your goal and commit to it.

Does that help in any way, especially in the busy run up to Christmas?

Love to you all,


P.S. Do not neglect your family. 🙂




Keeping the Balance
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