Writing Prompts II

Hello! How did you get on with last week’s writing prompts? (If you didn’t see them, scroll down to find them.) Hope you enjoyed doing a bit of writing for fun! If you learnt anything, jot your thoughts down in your writing journal. You never know when a little tip could turn out to be useful. Even just the act of writing something down means you are more likely to remember what you learn. It’s win/win!

So, now on to this week’s writing prompts. Again, you can do one a day (on the train, or while having breakfast?), or take an evening and do the whole lot in one go. However you do them, I hope you enjoy some writing for pleasure!

  1. You are walking into a cave. Why? Who with? What’s it like?

2. Write about a person you don’t like. Feel free to be totally honest. You don’t have to show it to anyone. What are they like; what did/do they do to make you dislike them so much? Spit it all out. Your feelings may be useful when you come to write about a ‘baddie’ for a story.

3. Summarise a book, TV programme or film you read/watched recently that moved you. What was it about the characters you liked?

4. If you could blink and be somewhere else, where would you go? If you have time, make this into a mini story. 🙂

switzerland still lake

5. Someone asks you why you are, or are not, a Christian. Give an honest response.

6. Who would you like to meet for coffee, if you could? It could be a celebrity, a historical figure, a family member – even a fictional character if you like! Make your coffee meeting a mini story with a beginning, a middle and an end.

7. When was the last time you danced? If you can’t remember, simply pick a time you do remember dancing, and write about that. What was the occasion; who were you with; how did you feel?

I hope you enjoy these writing prompts, and find them useful. The more writing you do, the better you will get. 🙂

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Have a great week, folks, and a lovely Valentine’s Day on 14th!


Janet Wilson

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