For christians who write fiction for kids and teens

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You need to grip your readers from the start of your story, or they won't keep reading...

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    Gripping Beginnings is really great for inspiring engaging starts to stories – I thoroughly recommend this brilliant, genuinely free resource.”

    Fiona Murphy

    Nottingham, UK

    What you get:

    The course consists of four lessons with videos, teaching, assignments and writing exercises.

    By the end of the course you will know exactly what to put in your first few pages to hook your readers and make sure they want to keep reading to the end.

    What is it all about?

    Unless you are absolutely certain the beginning of your story is PERFECT, this course is for you!

    Did you know there are certain things you MUST include to engage your readers from the start of your story?

    And there are other elements you should avoid?

    This mini-course is part of the Write for a Reason Academy, from Janet Wilson. It's for Christians who write fiction for kids and teens, but is available to you completely free of charge, with absolutely no obligation to buy anything.

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    N.B. Work is involved, but if you love writing, you will enjoy every minute. :-)