Today I have a fun writing exercise for you!

What we wear is an outward expression of what we are like inside – culture, family, personal likes and dislikes, how we feel about ourselves… and lots more.

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So take ten minutes or so to write a description of what your protagonist is wearing.

Is the school skirt rolled up? Are the jeans the right length? Are the clothes clean or dirty? Posh and fancy, or ill fitting and old? Don’t forget colour and texture! And don’t forget accessories – was the necklace a gift from a granny or a best friend? What about their clothes makes them stand out or fit in?

Enjoy getting to know your protagonist a bit better in this exercise, so that ultimately your readers will be able to engage with them at a deeper level. 🙂

Hope that helps!

Blessings abundant on your writing,


What is your protagonist wearing?
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