How to Thrill Your Readers with Your Ending

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And here’s your writing tip for this week:

How can you thrill your readers with your ending?

Have it turn out even better than they could have imagined!

Here’s a very simple example:

It was Cinderella’s dearest wish to go to the ball. Everything was against her, but finally, she made it…

Yaayyy, we are all thinking!

The story could have stopped there. She could have had a fabulous time and come home tired and happy.

BUT the prince fell in love with her and it ends with a wedding! Wow!

Which was waaaayyyyyy more than Cinderella was expecting/hoping for.

Could you do something like that with your ending?

I know Cinderella is a fairytale, and you will probably want a real (though hopeful) ending to your story, but still, is there some beautiful twist you could introduce to delight and thrill your readers?

Have a think and see what you can come up with!

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