Obstacles are an inevitable part of life. Like the family in the story “We’re Going On A Bear Hunt” (by Michael Rosen), we can’t go over them, we can’t go under them, we can’t go round them: we have to go through them! And obstacles show up in every arena, whether it’s in our work life, relationships, finances . . . or our writing.


If things get tough, we can, of course, give up. In the bear hunt story, the family could have stopped at the first obstacle and played in the long grass. But they kept their objective in mind and persisted through thick mud, a river, a deep dark wood and a snow storm to achieve it. Now that’s determination!

I know that’s only a children’s story, but if we know what our goal is and why we want to reach it, we are so much more likely to win through. They were hunting a bear! We want to reach young people with the good news of Jesus through our stories. Could there be a better goal?

I wanted to finish the story I am currently writing, by the end of June. It didn’t happen! All sorts of obstacles got in the way. I’m still writing it, though, and I am determined to finish it this year, if not before . . . eek!

Sometimes we have to just keep persevering, however tough, through thick and thin. Do you have a list of reasons for finishing your story – reasons to keep you going? A story of perseverance to share with the community? Please do leave your comments below, to encourage us all!

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