The first draft of a novel is there to be improved!

So when you are going over your initial manuscript, looking for ways to add pace, interest and atmosphere, here’s a tip: look for stronger, more descriptive words.

Instead of “Peter went very quickly into the room”, could he not run into it, storm into it, dash, creep, sidle, stomp, slither (well, he could be a snake!), march, tiptoe, skip or dance?

Instead of the waves reaching the shore, could they not ripple, splash, roar, thunder or explode?

ocean waves

The possibilities are endless – use a thesaurus if you’re stuck for ideas. No need to go overboard and change every simple word (sometimes the simple ones are the best), but see how you can improve your story with some fabulous words to make your writing more descriptive, add interest, atmosphere and pace.

Janet Wilson, founder of Dernier Publishing and Write for a Reason
Janet Wilson, founder of Dernier Publishing and Write for a Reason

Trust that helps! Go on, get your old manuscript out, and see what you can do! 🙂



P.S. Sorry to be later than anticipated with the new writing tips ebook . . . editing has taken longer than planned, but it will be with us soon. Ebook_Cover_50_Writing_Tips


Stalk, Sidle, Slither, Stomp, Dash
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