Metaphors and similes – what fun! We all get these two mixed up – but it doesn’t matter what we call them – as long as we use them!

But just for the record, metaphors are things that are something else, and similes are things that are like something else! Perhaps an example would be helpful?

A gift is love in a box – metaphor

A gift is like love in a box – simile.

Here’s another one:

The gift was the icing on the cake – metaphor

The gift was like the icing on the cake – simile.

cake with icing

Can you think of some more? Here’s a metaphor from the Bible – “We all like sheep have gone astray.” We’re not sheep, but we sure do act like them sometimes!

When describing something in your novels, could you add a metaphor or simile? Pictorial language is engaging. Could a rose be like a jewel, or a body be the gift wrap for the jewel inside? Plain descriptions can be transformed, with a bit of thought.

What do you think? Got any more ideas on this theme? Feel free to share!

Love to you all,


Metaphors and Similes
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