A little bit of musing this week, on the talent/skill debate, where it comes to creative writing.

I read an article recently in which someone important that said that it was impossible to learn how to be a writer – it all comes from natural talent. Mmm. It got me thinking!

As Christians, we know our gifts are given to us by God, whether it’s writing stories, working with the elderly, or cooking. If we are going to write a good story, we have to have been given a certain degree of talent. Why do some people’s cakes come out wonderfully light and fluffy and others flat and hard? 🙂

ring cake

There has to be a bit of natural talent in there somewhere! (Quick aside – did you ever see Ready, Steady, Cook? One of the contestants admitted that her best dish was ‘Chicken Ding’: she put a chicken breast in the microwave and when it went ‘ding’ it was ready! :-))

Sorry, back to the point, hehe… But, and this is a big but, however much natural talent we have been given, I do think we need to hone our craft. And I don’t think we should ever stop learning, as long as we are still breathing and writing! I read about writing all the time – firstly because I find it fascinating, and secondly because I learn so many useful tips and ideas. I glean inspiration from courses, from films and books, articles and magazines, and from other writers. I certainly won’t stop learning when I know it all… because that will never happen!

I do agree that if there is no talent, learning all the techniques in the world aren’t going to help. And it certainly helps to be passionate about your gift! But I do think we need both talent and skill.

What do you think? If you want to join the next Write for a Reason course, or our Monthly Membership Programme, you would be more than welcome, but don’t feel obliged – I’d love to help you, but do look around. There are lots of courses and books available that might suit you better. But whatever you do, make sure you keep learning, so you can better use the talent that God has given you.

Janet Wilson
Janet Wilson

May the Lord bless you as you do!


P.S. Please do pass these tips on to friends if you find them helpful. Share the wealth!

Talent or Skill? Skill and Talent?
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