What is your best time of day for writing? Is it first thing in the morning, later on when the children are at school, in the evenings, or after everyone has gone to bed?

View from window

What is the best location for you? The local café, your desk, overlooking the garden, your bed?


Do you work best with an uncluttered desk, the radio on, have a bag of mints to hand?
When you have discovered your best time and place for writing, make a plan, get yourself organised with what you need and schedule your writing into your diary!
So what if your house is a mess? Write writers, write! 🙂
Are you planning on finishing that book? You need to plan to get it done, folks!


Janet Wilson, founder of Dernier PublishingTrust that helps you transform your work-in-progress to a finished novel!


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Write writers, write!
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