And now for something completely different! For a change, instead of a writing tip, today I have set you a creative writing exercise. For this you will need a pen and a journal (OK, if you must use a keyboard you can, but pen and paper is better) and half an hour you can shut yourself away and not be disturbed. (Yes, I give you permission to write in the bath, if that works for you. :-))

pen and journal

Here goes:

Imagine you wake up in a beautiful place in another world, where everything is perfect. (Hint – make it perfect for you. Whatever you would like, add it.) Allow your imagination to soar. Allow yourself to dream. Describe this place in detail. Are there lakes, mountains, a garden? Is it huge, or small and cosy? What is the vegetation like? Are there buildings? What about all the colours, scents? If you close your eyes there, how does it feel to all your senses? Is there music, can you hear water, laughter? Are there people there? Are they like you? If not, describe them – not just what they look like, but what they are like. Describe what you do there every day, what you eat, what you wear, who you talk to, what you talk about, what your home is like there (if you have one). Go on to write about how you feel in this place. Is it safe and warm, or is there snow on the ground that makes you laugh with pleasure? Remember, this place is perfect in every way for you! Do you like fountains? Have them! Do you thrill at the sound of the ocean waves? Add it! Do you love animals or children? Fill your world full of them! Describe this perfect paradise so well that if you close your eyes you can feel yourself there and bask in the beauty of it.

Did you enjoy that? It’s good to dream, to set our imaginations free, to soar way above all that is usual and familiar. Great writers have great imaginations, so enjoy! And do send your beautiful places to me via email, the contact page on our website or on the write for a reason facebook page – I’d love to read them all.

Janet Wilson, founder of Dernier Publishing and Write for a Reason
Janet Wilson, founder of Dernier Publishing and Write for a Reason

May your week be filled with good things!



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