Earlier this month I ran a writing workshop at the Eastbourne Christian Resources Centre, on the south coast of England. It was lovely to meet up with four enthusiastic writers, all in different stages in their writing journey. The weather was terrible a few days before and after, with high winds and heavy rainfall, but we were blessed with a bit of sunshine!

Write for a Reason Writing Workshop

We discussed CHARACTERS, because one thing we all need to remember, whatever we write, and whoever for, is that our characters must be compelling. I know I talk about this a lot, but think back to the last novel you read. My guess is that the more you engaged with the main character, the more you engaged with the story.

So if we want to grip our readers, we must make sure they:

  • Believe in our characters
  • Care what happens to them.

Just a thought: If I ran a free half-hour webinar on the subject of characters; would you be interested? If enough people would find it useful, I’ll dig out my notes. You can contact me through the contact form, message me or email me. Or leave a comment below. Don’t forget to let your friends know. 🙂

Oh, and if you would like to join our closed facebook community group, let me know about that too and I’ll let you in. (It’s for you if you’re writing a Christian book for kids, serious about getting it done, and feel you’d like some support and encouragement.)

See you next week, or in the facebook group,

Janet Wilson from Write for a Reason and Dernier Publishing


P.S. Are there any other subjects you’d like me to cover? I’m here to help!

Writing Workshop
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