How Do You Know When to Stop Editing?

How Do You Know When to Stop Editing?

This is always a big dilemma for writers – when do you stop editing your story? How do you know when it’s the best that it can be?

Here are a few thoughts:

  1. If you are changing words and phrases here and there, then changing it all back, that’s a sign that it’s time to stop editing!
  2. If you know you are procrastinating on getting on to the next stage, which might be getting a professional critique, getting beta readers, or approaching agents/publishers, it’s time to be bold, stop editing, and take that next step.
  3. If the editing process is starting to drain you instead of excite you, it’s a sign you need to stop. You have probably done enough.
  4. Do you have a tendency towards perfectionism? If you know you do, stand back and think, do I really need to keep editing? Be honest with yourself! Perhaps it’s time to move on?
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Trust that helps!

Knowing when to stop editing can be confusing and even a bit scary. After all, this story is your baby! Do you really want to let it go? After all, when you’ve stopped editing, you’ll have to take the next scary step!

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