Having Fun Together

Morning everyone. Hope you are keeping safe. I get the feeling that in these strange times, some writers are finding it more difficult to write creatively. With newer, tougher Covid-19 restrictions facing some of us, I suspect this could get worse.

So this week I have a fun exercise we can all participate in – because writing should be fun! Plus I hope that it will also help to build our writing community, so we don’t feel quite so alone with our desk and our keyboard…

A couple of weeks ago I put up this picture on the blog. One writer-for-a-reason asked me why. Well, I thought she looked like she is waiting to tell us her story – don’t you think?

young lady

So here’s the idea: this week, let’s make up her story together!

I’ll start. She’s wearing her rich friend’s designer glasses for this photo, because she thinks her plain ones make her look ugly.

Now it’s your turn! Come over to the Write for a Reason Community Facebook group, and add your own comment – a bit of back-story, family background, issues she faces, a trial she has to overcome, how she is going to do it, and who with. Let’s give this young lady a story worth writing about. 🙂

See you there,


P.S. If you don’t belong to the group, ask to join, and I’ll let you in. Tell your friends, too – let’s have some fun!

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