Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s writing tip… actually, it’s not a tip this week, it’s a selection of seven writing prompts, just for a change, to grow your writing muscles!

Last year I took up running for the first time in my life, and have found muscles I didn’t know I had, hehe! Talking about it won’t get the job done, getting ideas won’t get the job done… we actually have to actually do something. Starting small is great (I started running one minute at a time), then you can build up (I now run for 30 mins).

So look on these writing exercises as good exercise, or a fun break from your work-in-progress. 🙂

Janet Wilson from Dernier Publishing

We’re going to do this for the whole of February, so you get loads of writing practice/fun – I will be giving you 28 writing prompts in all, so by the end of this month, your writing should be stronger than ever!

You can either do one of these prompts every day, or splurge and do them all in one go if you like. (N.B. Why not get yourself a ‘real’ journal and write with pen and paper for a change?)

Here are this week’s ideas:

  1. If you suddenly found yourself a multimillionaire, how would your life change? Go deep!
  2. A family of dragons is now living in your garden (yard). Yikes! Tell the story! Try to involve lots of emotion.
  3. Tell a pen-friend from a different culture, about your childhood. Talk about how you felt about things, as well as descriptions of things you did, and how things were.
  4. Which Bible story (or fairytale if you don’t know any) would you like to have been part of? Why? Write it in your own words as if you were there.
  5. Choose a room in your home where something interesting/frightening/wonderful/dramatic happened. Write about that room, and the event that happened there.
  6. Imagine you have twenty years of your life left! What books will you write, to leave behind as a legacy? Make a list, and a synopsis of each.
  7. What would you like to be eating/drinking right now? Where? Who with?

So, there you go – enjoy!


P.S. I am going to run the current Write for a Reason Writing Course for the very last time, starting on 13th February. I am planning a completely new and different course for later this year (I will send out details in due course). One thing I can tell you is that, due to the busy-ness of my day job with Dernier Publishing, this is the last time I will be personally marking homework, so if that’s something you would value, grab your place quick! The course covers:

Reaching your Target Audience
Theme and Setting
Creating Engaging Characters
Plotting and Planning
Beginnings and Endings
Show Not Tell Descriptions… and lots more!

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Click here for more information.

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