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I recently had a week’s break in the beautiful Lake District, in the north of England. Arthur Ransome set many of his Swallows and Amazons novels there, which I read and re-read as a child (not always in the right order, depending on which books were available in the library!).

I thought as we’re in the holiday season, and you may have the opportunity to have a break yourself, I would suggest 3 things to look out for on holiday:

Here are a couple of photos I took while I was away – this one is Lake Windermere:


and this one is Wast Water:

Wast Water

Stunning! The scenery there is inspirational.

So here again are the three things to look out for I mention in the video:

  1. Interesting settings you might be able to use in a story. Visiting a castle or a deep dark wood?
  2. Interesting characters you meet. Take a note of their clothes, their accent, their mannerisms, their stories. Could be useful!
  3. Interesting ideas for plots. That dark tunnel – could smugglers have used that? The legend of the dragon – could you use that in a story?

I look forward to hearing from you!



P.S. I’m sending this today instead of tomorrow because tomorrow I’m going to be busy with the Write for a Reason course and my Mum’s 89th birthday! If you want to join in (the course, not my Mum’s birthday party, hehe), today is your very last opportunity! Click here to check here for availability. If you have already done the course, or it’s not for you, would you be kind enough to pray for the new students? Thank you! We have a lot to get through in the next few weeks. 🙂









3 Things To Look Out For On Holiday
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