As Christian writers we can easily fall into the trap of being so caught up in the theme of our story that we forget to use our imagination. We could set our stories in a typical home, school or church . . . but let’s not to be boring!

Children love to read about exciting places and new cultures – let’s not limit ourselves (and our readers) to the mundane.

There is so much variety open to us – we could just as easily set our stories in the shadow of a volcano, on a palm-fringed beach, in the thick of the rainforest, in a lighthouse or in a cave deep underground . . . what is the most interesting and unusual place you have ever been to – could you set your story there?


We don’t have to set our stories in real locations, either; in a story we can go anywhere we like, create anything we like, and take our readers with us, in time as well as place. 🙂 Let’s free our God-given imaginations!

What do you think? Where were your favourite stories set?

Janet Wilson, founder of Dernier Publishing and Write for a Reason

Be lovely to hear from you!



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Where will you set your next story?
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