Here’s a creative writing exercise for you:

Which news story has affected you recently – something your thoughts keep turning to, something you feel passionate about?


Cecil the Lion, the problems at Calais, planned parenthood, the death of Cilla Black . . . which of these recent events has touched your heart?

Sit down and write a piece based on this news, or any other event, writing from a Christian perspective – it can be a blog-type post, an entry for your diary, a letter to a newspaper, or even a short story based on the facts. (N.B. If you ever publish it, remember to put in a disclaimer!)

Writing about something current and emotive is a great way to get passion into your writing. This exercise will also help you write about your faith as part of a story, if this is a new thing for you. You know what they say – practice makes perfect!

Janet WilsonHope you have fun with this exercise – let us know how it goes. 🙂



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Could you write a news story?
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