Christmas is a great time to people watch, and get some tips for when you are creating characters for your novel. This Christmas, if you are meeting with family and friends, take a few moments to observe tell-tale signs that show how people are feeling.

Observe the look on the grandmother’s face when a grandchild is placed in her lap, and her movements as she rocks him. Watch how a small child jumps up and down with excitement. How does someone behave who is trying to shrink into the background . . . what about the person who wants to be the centre of attention?

familyLook at people’s faces, their expressions, the way they lean forward or back, their dress, their make-up (or lack of) . . . all the things that show their personality and how they are feeling.

If you get the chance, jot your observations down in a file or notebook, including as many details as you can remember. These will help you bring your characters to life when you get back to writing after all the festivities.

And may I take this opportunity to wish you all a peaceful and joyful Christmas in the presence of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ – how wonderful to Janet Wilsonknow the presence of Emmanuel, God with us!


P.S. Thank you for reading these tips and for your support – if you haven’t already, please do pass them on and share the blessing – sharing buttons below!

Christmas writing tip – people watching!
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