So why might you read your story to the wall?

  1. You’ve gone crazy
  2. Nobody else is interestedtable in bare room
  3. You want to hear what your draft sounds like, so you can improve it.

Well of course it’s going to be the latter! And although you might want to wait until nobody else is around, this is an extremely valuable exercise for when you have finished your first draft, then your second and third drafts . . . well after every draft!

Things you can pick up when reading aloud:

  • Punctuation that needs changing
  • People who speak out of character
  • Changes in narrative voice
  • Pace issues – is it too long-winded in places?
  • Clarity issues – is there anything that doesn’t quite make sense?

And lots more!

So why not print out your latest work-in-progress, find a nice friendly wall and read your story out loud? It’s not as daft as it sounds! Oh, another great thing about reading to the wall is that it doesn’t mind if you stop to make notes. 🙂

Only when you are finally satisfied that your novel is the best it can possibly be, read your story to an audience, because the one thing your wall can’t do is give you feedback!

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Janet Wilson, founder of Dernier Publishing and Write for a ReasonHope to see you there!





Three Reasons You Might Read Your Story To The Wall
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