Good morning, Christian writers! (Well, it’s morning for me as I write this – if it’s afternoon or evening for you, good afternoon or good evening to you!)

This is the topic I was going to write about last week, when I felt it on my heart to write about the freedom we have to write instead. (If you missed it you can read it here: freedom to write)

So this week’s writing tip is to write what you are passionate about!

It’s easy to get bogged down with dull stuff, but if we write what we are truly passionate about, it shows. So what sets your heart racing or makes your blood boil? What are the issues on your heart that make your pen fly across the page, (or your fingers across the keyboard)?

Beach with heart stones

Is the beach your favourite place to be? Set your story on the coast!

Love mystery stories? Write one!

Fascinated by history? Set your novel in your favourite period!

Have you always been surrounded by animals? Include them in your story!

Bullies make your blood boil? Make that your theme.

Been through a terrible situation with the Lord’s help? Encourage others!


What about you? What are you enthusiastic or passionate about, and how does that translate into your writing? Football, sewing, running, astronomy . . . We all have unique experiences and interests. Nobody can write about certain topics the way you can, so get writing – your story might be just exactly what today’s young people need to hear.

Please come over to our facebook page and tell us what you are passionate about!

Janet Wilson, founder of Dernier Publishing and Write for a Reason

If you have found this tip helpful, please share with your writing buddies. Together we can make a difference.


P.S. The new Write for a Reason course starts today! Please pray for myself and the new students, that our labours will bear fruit. Thank you very much. x

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