Here’s a tip for when you’re waiting in a queue wishing you were doing something more productive! 🙂

Detach yourself from your surroundings for a minute and observe the people around you as if they were characters in a story. How would you describe them? Can you guess what they are thinking from their demeanour, their words, the look in their eye? What can you glean about them from the way they are standing, the way they have dressed? How are they talking to the people with them, or what are they looking at as they stand alone?

Nothing is wasted for a writer, not even a queue!

seagulls waiting

Why not keep a notepad and pen in your bag/pocket and jot down some ideas when you are waiting in line? The man in front of you with the shifty eyes may never know he was the idea behind the baddie in your next novel! 🙂

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Don’t Waste Your Time In The Queue
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