If you are writing Christian stories for children and teenagers, you have a purpose to your writing. Even so, it’s easy to let the days, weeks and even months slip by, making it tough to get back on track.

You know what they say about exercise – 20 minutes each day, or at least three times a week, will improve our health. Is it worth it? The answer is, it probably is, no matter what excuses we might make to ourselves!

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So what about our writing health? If we wrote 20 minutes each day, or at least three times a week, would it improve our writing? The answer is, once again, it probably would, no matter what excuses we might make!

If you are writing a full-length novel, you will need more than twenty minutes in one go . . . but what about between-novel times . . . what if you wrote a few minutes every day on a small project, just to keep those writing muscles flexing?

Here are some ideas:

  1. Jot down the thing/s you are most grateful for in a notebook, at the end of each day
  2. If you’re more of a morning person, could your write down what you are most looking forward to that day, with your morning cup of tea/coffee?
  3. If you have a lunch break to fill, why not make a ‘thanks’ diary to God, counting your blessings . . .
  4. Letters are universally thrilling to receive – if you haven’t got far-flung family or friends to write to, could you write to missionaries, or to brothers and sisters imprisoned for their faith?
  5. If you prefer to write something totally crazy, why not write a few minutes a day on a scheme to overtake the world? 🙂

Writing doesn’t have to be boring – be creative folks, have some fun, look forward to that time of day when you write so it’s a pleasure not a chore!

There’s always a way, we just have to be a bit creative and a lot determined! It’s too easy to let things slide, but to get back to the beginning of this post, we are writing with a reason, writing for a purpose. So let’s not give up!

Trust you find that encouraging! Let us know if you begin a ‘daily project’, because if you put it in writing to someone else you’re more likely to keep it up. And do forward this to your writing friends, share the blessing! 🙂

Janet WilsonHappy writing,


5 Ways to Stretch Your Writing Muscles (including taking over the world!)
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