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Write for a Reason is a seven week online course for Christians who write novels for children and young people.

Registration for the next course, beginning October 1st 2018, is now OPEN.

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Are you ready to take your writing to the next level? Do you write stories for children/young adults? Wonder if you’ll ever get published? Looking for some help?

“I was surprised at how much the course taught me. I didn’t know as much as I thought I did!! The presentation was clear and easy to follow and the teaching was clear and well thought out. I would happily recommend the course to a friend.” – Nicolette (Surrey)

I am passionate about reaching children with the good news of Jesus through excellent, relevant, fun stories. If you feel the same way, it would be a privilege to share your writing journey.

My name is Janet Wilson and I am a publisher of Christian fiction for children and teenagers. (This is me, on the right, with author Eleanor Watkins, author of the Beech Bank Girls stories, on the left.)

Eleanor Watkins and Janet Wilson


I set up Dernier Publishing some years ago to produce Christian fiction for 8-16s.

Over the years I have received many unsolicited manuscripts from earnest writers. Most of the stories have potential, but many fall down in one or more areas. Most of these skills are learnable, so I decided to set up Write for a Reason to help Christians who write stories for young people and want to improve their craft.

“I heard about the ‘Write for a Reason’ course from a friend and what a blessing this course has been. Helpful insights, clear direction, great encouragement, all within the structure of applying learnings through assignments and dreaded deadlines. This course has changed how I perceive writing in a Christian context. Janet’s patience, wisdom and passion are a gift we must greatly treasure. I find myself absorbing her insights into my writing, re-writes and planning. I cannot recommend the ‘Write for a Reason’ Course highly enough.” – Baden (Co. Wicklow, Ireland)

The fact is, we all need help to use our gifts to their full potential. What person with a calling to be a counsellor would begin counselling without first embarking on some training? Sadly, most writers blame publishers for their lack of success; few are willing to put in the time to find out where they are going wrong and put it right. Be one of the few!

The next Write for a Reason course will begin in February 2018 and will consist of one module a week for seven weeks.

We will be looking at:

Reaching your Target Audience
Theme and Setting
Creating Engaging Characters
Plotting and Planning
Beginnings and Endings
Voice and Perspective
Show Not Tell Descriptions . . . and more!

“Wow! I learned so much. The distance learning format worked well for me and I just managed to fit the work in to my schedule. I really liked the balance of teaching and “having a go” in the course and it’s given me a pot of ideas which I can use. The seven teaching areas we covered have provided my own story writing with a much better skeleton which I can see will allow them to go further! It’s given me more confidence and excitement about my story writing. Thank you Janet.” – Mark (Lancashire)

How does the course work?

Within a few days of subscribing, you will receive your Introduction to the Course. You may like to do some preparatory work before the course commences, so the sooner you book your place the better. (If there are still places and you book at the last minute, don’t worry, you can soon catch up!)

Man writing

When the course starts, you will receive teaching and assignments every Monday morning.

If you have enrolled for the full course, you will have a week to complete each Module’s assignments and send them to me. I will return these to you with comments – all via email. If you prefer to work alone, that’s absolutely fine – there is now an option to book the self-study course. Whichever option you choose, I will always be delighted to help you with any questions about the material.

“I have been greatly stimulated by the Write for a Reason course to write freely, but also to tidy up my writing and avoid the many mistakes I was making. Janet gives lots of ideas, hints and assignments to work on. She has left me, at the end of the course, continuing to research, practice and keep improving my writing. Janet is an encourager. I am re-energized. Thank you.” – Marion (Liverpool)

Are you wondering if you are good enough?

This is a common fear, but unfounded. Whatever your level of ability, I am happy to help. Everyone has to start somewhere! I only do encouragement – there’s plenty to tear you down in this world, but that’s not my style.

You may want to write short stories for your grandchildren to give them some spiritual input, or you may want to reach children all over the world with your novels – either is fine with me. Every child in precious, and we each have a unique calling.

Perhaps you have an idea for a story but haven’t started writing yet, or have a growing pile of unfinished manuscripts. Perhaps you have a novel ready to send to a publisher, but just want to go through some basic ideas to make sure you haven’t missed anything. That’s great, too. If your novel is written for children or young adults from a Christian perspective, I’d love to help!

Don’t bury your talent. The harvest is ready.


I have found the Write for a Reason course to be both stimulating and helpful. This is not the first writing course I have done, so I was hoping it would give me something which my previous course did not. I wasn’t disappointed.”

You will need . . .

As this is an online course you will need access to a computer with Internet connection and an email address. You can study wherever you are in the world!

You will need a reasonable grasp of English grammar.

To get the most from the course you will need to commit to a minimum of four hours study a week, sometimes more – as in all things in life, the more you put in, the more you get out. 🙂

Still not sure?

Click here to read our FAQs. If these don’t answer your query, please don’t hesitate to contact me. But don’t leave it too long as places are limited.

Previous students have left overwhelmingly good testimonials – many have told me they have been amazed how much they didn’t know, and how much they have learnt. Some have gone on to have their stories published! It’s been a pleasure to see students become more confident in their writing as their skills have grown.

If you would like to read more testimonials from students who have completed the course, you can do so here: Go to Testimonials

“I am not scared of failing any more and I need to give myself the chance to actually produce this ‘baby’ which has been gestating for far too long. I seem to work best to others’ deadlines and when I block time to achieve a given end. Just wanted to let you know, because without your kind words this would still be way off in the future for me. Thank you :)”


The course costs £200.00 for the full course, and £100.00 for the self-study course. If you subscribe to the full course, you will send your assignments to me at the end of every week, which I will return with comments. If you prefer to study alone, choose the self-study course. You will have access to all the same material, but you will not need to send your completed assignments to me. Whether you choose the full course or the self-study course, I will always be here to answer any queries about the course material.:-)

When you click on the Buy Now button below, you will be taken to PayPal where you can pay securely. You do not need a PayPal account to pay; you can also use your debit or credit card. (Your payment will be to Dernier Publishing; after paying you will be returned to this page.)

Choice of Course

(If you have trouble with the button, please let me know, it can be temperamental!)

The sooner you register, the better! You will receive your Introduction to the Course before we begin, so you can make a start on the preparatory material.

I look forward to working with you. Together we can make a difference. 🙂

Janet Wilson

Janet Wilson




P.S. If you start the course and find it’s not for you by the end of Module Three, just say and I will refund your money in full. So if you’re not 100% sure, no need to worry, give it a go and see what you think. You can’t lose!























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21 thoughts on “Writing Course

  1. Baden Stanley says:

    Hello. I was sent this link from Julie Carville and am very interested in taking part in the course. I am currently entering the last month of a five month sabbatical which has focused on a series of Children’s books called ‘Wunderland’ God has been planting in me for some time. My query is how much time is required for the course over the seven weeks as I have a delicate balancing act between very busy parish ministry and building on the preparation of the sabbatical?. I share your passion for good Christian literature for children and young adults. ‘Wunderland’ is aimed at the 6-9 age group and will (DV) grow with them into their mid teens. I look forward to hearing from you and thanks for your passion. Yours faithfully,
    Baden Stanley.

    • Dear Baden Stanley, thank you for your query – delighted to hear from you and hear of your shared interest in reaching children with the good news through story. To make the most from the course I am suggesting to participants a minimum of three to four hours study per week. I do hope that will fit into your busy schedule. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. 🙂 Every blessing, Janet.

  2. Baden Stanley. says:

    Thanks Janet for your quick reply. I will register as soon as I can. Really looking forward to it. God bless. Baden

  3. Hello Janet I too am coming through Julie Carvill and have a question – will the tutorials be at a specific time or posted online so we can access when we have the time?

    • Hi Cliodhna, good question, I should add this into the FAQs – thank you for bringing this up. The new module will arrive every Monday via email as pdfs, so you can keep them on a computer, print them, or transfer them to any mobile device as you wish. Hope that helps!

  4. Hi Janet
    Hope you are well
    I was wondering of there were still places on your writing course??
    Many Thanks

  5. Baden Stanley. says:

    Hi Janet. It may be that i am a techno-dinosaur but I am not able to pay for the course online. Is it possible to pay by credit card over the phone or is there an idiot’s guide to paying online. Thanks. Baden

    • Oh dear, I will look into the paypal pay button and get back to you as soon as possible. In the meantime, I will add your name to our subscriber list, so be assured you are on the course, and we can sort payment in due course. Really pleased you will be joining us!

    • Apologies for the technical issue. I have reset the PayPal button and on testing it now appears to be working correctly. Please do let me know if you have a further problem. Many thanks, Janet

  6. Looking forward to module 1 next week
    have a blessed weekend

    • Thank you for booking; it’s great to have you Catrina. I hope you received the Introduction and First Module safely. May the Lord bless you on your writing journey!

  7. Waveney Susan Crawshaw Holt says:

    Please add my name to the subscriber list.is there no way of paying by cheque to the address..I do want to do the full course.

    • Dear Waveney, we don’t offer the option of paying by cheque on the website, as the course is open to people from any country in the world and it could become complicated! Looking forward to having you on the course!

  8. Waveney Susan Crawshaw Holt says:

    I think my comment went astray I want to do the full course . Can I pay by cheque?

    • Hello Waveney, I have replied to you by email, but yes, that’s absolutely fine, as long as you live in the UK. Delighted that you are going to join us next month!

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