OK Christian writer friends, here’s a challenge for the New Year . . . actually, it’s a two-part challenge!

The first part of the challenge is to write a short story (3,000 – 5,000 words) on the theme of new beginnings, with a particular child/teenager in mind (a grandchild, godchild, niece or nephew, sponsored child, a neighbour’s child, a young person from your youth club or Sunday Schoool . . . or one of your own offspring).

And here’s the second part: give it to them to read.

It’s great to focus on getting a novel published, but there’s nothing wrong with a smaller achievement on the way to accomplishing a big goal, so a short story can give you a quick jump start. And if you’re reading this I know there is a much greater reason for your writing than simply the kudos of getting published: it’s to reach out to children or young people with the good news of Jesus. So why not start with one short story, one young person? Every one is precious!

This is to get you going, so dig up that talent you were entrusted with (quick, while there’s still time!) and set it to work.


Send your stories to me via email by February 29th 2016 (yes, 29th, it’s a leap year!), along with the review/thoughts from the young person you wrote the story for: I will put the best on the blog. 🙂

And why not consider joining the Write for a Reason monthly programme? Read more here. Get those writing skills honed, make sure when the giver of the gift returns, he will receive back what he gave you, with interest.

Ready For a Writing Challenge?
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