Reading your work aloud is a really good idea, not just when you have finished your story, but along the way. Here are seven great reasons for reading your work aloud:

  • it helps you pick up where the flow of your story isn’t smooth
  • it helps you get to know your characters’ voices
  • you may notice spelling errors!
  • you may sense areas where you are being too long-winded
  • you are likely to notice words you have repeated
  • it helps to show where dialogue is flowing and where it doesn’t sound so natural
  • it’s great practice for when you are asked to read your work in public!

You don’t have to read to anyone else, of course – by all means shut yourself away and read your story to an imaginative captivated audience. These children will, of course, be hanging on your every word. Is your story good enough for them? If not, go back and keep improving it until your audience is totally enthralled!

Why not read your work in progress out loud now, and leave a comment? Share the encouragement!



Do you read your work aloud?
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