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Do You Doubt Your Ability as a Writer?

Many Christians who are new to writing novels for children and teens doubt their writing ability, and need a bit of encouragement. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed!

Does that sound like you?

Maybe you have never written a book before, but have an idea swirling round in your head?

Maybe you have started writing a book, but although you have a great idea, you’ve never had much training on the craft of story writing, so you feel like you’re winging it a bit, and not sure you’re on the right track?

Maybe you’ve written several manuscripts and perhaps had some rejections from publishers, and wonder why, and are not sure of the way forward – you felt the Lord’s leading, but it’s confusing, because nothing has come of your hard work?

Are any of these true for you? If so, I’d love to help you! My name is Janet Wilson, I’m founder of Dernier Publishing. We produce Christian fiction for children and teens, so know what’s needed for successful stories.

The truth is, if you have been called to write, you absolutely can finish your story, and get it into children’s hands. Why would the Lord call you, and you not be able to complete the task? You totally can do it, but you probably need some help. In the kingdom of God we all need each other – when we work together there is great blessing. Here’s a plan with four ideas you can implement straight away:

  1. Read books and blogs on writing – on the Write for a Reason website we have a blog with hundreds of free tips: there are lots more around
  2. Join a local writers group for encouragement and support
  3. Get prayer support – partner or with other writers
  4. Join a course. I set up the Write for a Reason Academy specifically for Christians who are new to writing for hcildren, so if this is you, do take a look!

Perhaps your story is about encouraging young people to walk with God – to find faith, hope, light in the darkness, through story. These are excellent themes. We want our young people to know that God cares, that He is a God of justice and of love, that he answers prayer, and help us whatever we are going through. Be assured – if you are called to write, you not only can, you must.

Do something NOW to further your writing skills and get the encouragement you need, so you can get your story DONE to the best of your ability.

Don’t be the person with the talent who buries it.

Be the person who puts their talent to work for the master’s benefit. If you feel have been called to write stories for children, someone is waiting for it – and only YOU can write your story!

What Key Elements Do Successful Novels for Children/Teens Need?

Welcome to Write for a Reason, where Christians who are new to writing novels for children and teens can get help and encouragement to put their talent to work, make their stories the very best they can be and get them into readers’ hands.

Are you new to writing stories for children/teens?

Do you know the key elements that every successful story needs?

Hello! My name is Janet Wilson, I’m founder of Dernier Publishing (we produce Christian fiction for children and teens) and Write for a Reason – resources to help new writers make their novels the best they can be.

Stories are powerful. When Jesus wanted to illustrate a point, what did he do? He told a story! At its most basic stories are an enjoyable way to pass free time, but there’s a lot more to it than that. Stories can inspire readers to great things, warn them of dangers, take them to far-off places they may never be able to go to in person, help them understand other people’s struggles (and their own), bring hope in dark places. When shared, a story has extra meaning. Parents, grandparents and babysitters or carers can share a story together as the characters go through struggles and win through. Wonderful!

But in order to craft a successful story, you need certain key elements. Here are some of them:

Know Your Target Audience You need to know who you are writing for, and know their world.

You need an engaging main character. He/she needs to be someone your readers care about, so they are longing to find out what happens to them, plus you need secondary characters who will either help your protagonist reaching his or her goal, or try to stop them (which they won’t, of course!)

You need to get your Narrative Voice right. Perspective can be tricky, and keeping it consistent is vital. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check it out, because it’s important.

You need to know what the theme of your story is, and how to make it work from beginning to end.

You need an engaging Setting for your story. That speaks for itself – and you can let your imagination fly!

You need a Gripping Beginning You need to draw your readers in so they have to read on.

You need Conflicts. Between the beginning and the end of your story, you need a series of troubles that will befall your characters, until they reach the final climax, where your hero will win through.

And a Satisfying Ending. Every story needs a conclusion that you readers will love.

If all this excites you, get some training before you write another word of your novel! I’d love to help you on the Write for a Reason Academy, so do take a look at the course, or get help elsewhere.

Don’t keep writing not knowing where you’re going – don’t waste your time.

Make sure you have all the skills you need, then set to it and make sure your novel is a success.

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