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21 Day Creative Writing Challenge!


If you want to write novels for children or young teens, but haven't yet made writing a part of your life, the Write for a Reason 21 Day Creative Writing Challenge will help you make writing an enjoyable daily habit. Plus it will help you write from your heart, slip your imagination into gear and kick-start your creativity! Don't miss out...

Have fun, amaze yourself, and start becoming the writer you want to be with these 21 creative writing prompts.

“Freewrite” each piece – allow your thoughts to splurge down on the page. I suggest a journal and pen, but by all means write digitally if you prefer. Resist the urge to edit-as-you-go, though (not even spellings!). Don't worry if your piece looks a mess – you can always go back to edit it afterwards.

Editing and creative writing use different sides of the brain, so are best done separately. Don't allow your inner editor to disturb your inner author's flow! And if you don't want to edit, don't! These twenty-one days are all about having fun and getting into the swing of writing.

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